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How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Channel Marker Builders July 20, 2023

You’ve heard it said the kitchen is the 'heart of the home.' It’s the place where friends and family gather, and it’s often the most functional room in a home. For many homeowners, connecting with their family happens in the kitchen on a daily basis. It’s where you brew your coffee as you begin your day. Here, you connect with your children and your partner as you wind down from a busy day away from home. Additionally, the kitchen contributes significantly to the home’s overall value. If you were given the chance to design your dream kitchen, where would you begin?

When you build a Channel Marker work of art, you’ll get to create the kitchen of your dreams that matches your lifestyle needs, style, and budget. You also get to choose your perfect location of the kitchen, in relation to the other rooms in your floor plan. It may sound overwhelming, but designing your dream kitchen can be an enjoyable process with Channel Marker Builders.


Designing your Channel Marker custom home’s kitchen will happen in the second phase, the steps to building a home process, known as our design and construction phase. This comes after the preconstruction design phase which includes site visits

and determining the best use

of your selected location. During preconstruction design, you can begin the fun part of designing your custom home! Here, you’ll determine the best home plan for your needs. That includes designing and selecting the major elements that will be included in your kitchen. The kitchen is often many of our clients’ favorite part of their home to design.



As we work with our partner designers, architects, craftsmen and suppliers, it’s important to know how you’ll use your kitchen. Are you a gourmet chef who cooks a fresh, five-star meal every night? Do you prefer space for meal-prepping and expanded refrigeration for convenience? Are you the ultimate host in search of only the best in cooking equipment and wine storage? These are all factors that will influence the design of your kitchen based on how you’ll use it.


It's important to understand your style and ensure it is reflected in your kitchen. Kitchen designs can be sleek and contemporary, with hidden appliances and endless technology, or they can be traditional and ornate. Countertop and cabinetry trends change often, so it’s important to select a style that will feel welcoming and personal for many years to come. Our team of dedicated partners will help you in the selection process and ensure the style you select is one you are truly happy with.


Many of our clients visit the New River Cabinets and Design Showroom in Holly Ridge. There, you can see the cabinet options available to you, experience a demonstration, and speak with a dedicated kitchen expert about your wants and needs. Test-driving a kitchen and getting an expert opinion is the best way to determine exactly the right kitchen design for your Channel Marker Builders custom home


As you determine what the kitchen of your dreams will look and feel like, your specific needs for the space combined with your style, we will help you to determine how it aligns with your budget. Knowing your budget is critical in designing the kitchen of your dreams. Your kitchen can be the room that requires the highest investment compared to other rooms in your home due to appliances, materials, and the functionality you may desire. You may want to go heavy on lux materials for your countertops, cabinets, and flooring, while keeping things simple with your appliances. This will all boil down to your budget.

Your kitchen is the room that welcomes you and your guests home. It’s where memories are made, as stories are told while meals are prepared and cherished together. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, its importance as part of your Channel Marker work of art is second to none. Contact us today to learn more about our home design process and how our partners can help you design the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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